Test- and Management Software
ACTIMED / ConActX-test module / ConActX

  •     safety and function tester control
  •     management of devices, inspection management, costumer management
  •     scheduling of test activities
  •     DDE-link for controlling out of Microsoft application
  •     user specific printing with form generator
  •     test examples included especially for Excel users

ACTIMED is a test- and management software for medical and industrial usage.
It has been designed for in-house usage and mobile usage at your costumers(e.g. hospitals). ACTIMED provides the creation, execution and mangagement of test procedures with devices from S.P.L. Electronik. You can control devices from other manufactures as long they are compatible with the communication gateway.
There are lots of costumer and  device management features and a form generator to create specific prints. You can access to professional databases (e.g. InterBase) with the integrated ODBC-Database link.

Software download